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Scale of Star Wars characters and ships

It’s the scale of significant Star Wars characters, objects, and ships from Episode I through VIII, plus Rogue One and Solo. Need I say more? Tags: scale, Star Wars

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Visualizing fertilization of egg by sperm at the atomic level, with a Star Wars theme

Don Ingber and Charles Reilly of the Wyss Institute used data at the atomic level to visualize the simulation of sperm fertilizing an egg. The researchers used a Star Wars theme. To see if entertainment could offer a solution to this challenge, Ingber teamed up with Charles Reilly, Ph.D., a molecular biophysicist, professional animator, and Staff Scientist at the Wyss Institute who previously worked at movie director Peter Jackson’s Park...

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Obi-Wan saying “Hello there” 67 million times

This clip of Obi-Wan saying “Hello there” 67 million times amused me too much. I think there’s a lesson in averages or small multiples hidden somewhere in there. Tags: multiples, Star Wars

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