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Stephen Curry’s record-setting month for shooting threes

Steph Curry has been on a tear as of late. In April he made more threes than any NBA player ever has in a month. Ben Golliver and Artur Galocha for The Washington Post provide perspective on just how record-setting Curry’s current play is. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t satisfying to see half of the comparisons show how Curry has played better than James Harden. Tags: basketball,...

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Stephen Curry scores every arena’s popcorn

I marked this article for later reading. It’s about Stephen Curry’s love of popcorn as a pre-game and half-time snack. Sounded amusing. Then I got to it and discovered that he scores every arena’s popcorn on a five-factor, five-point scale using a worksheet. Nice. See the full scorecard. Tags: New York Times, popcorn, Stephen Curry

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xkcd: LeBron James and Stephen Curry pseudo-greatness

xkcd. Sometimes sports statistics are far-fetched. Tags: basketball, humor, Lebron James, Stephen Curry

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Stephen Curry for MVP, because he makes his teammates better the most

The choice for Most Valuable Player in the NBA is only minimally about the numbers, but it’s fun to look anyways. FiveThirtyEight makes the case for Stephen Curry. I particularly like the chart that shows how other players on a team fare when an MVP candidate doesn’t play. Not only do virtually all of his teammates (10 of 11 players with at least 30 shots, representing over 1,700 shots taken...

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Stephen Curry 3-point record ridiculousness

Stephen Curry made 402 three-pointers this regular season, which is ridiculous. Gregor Aisch and Kevin Quealy put the record into context showing just how much far ahead of others Curry was. No one has even made at least 300 three-pointers. Tags: basketball, New York Times, Stephen Curry

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Stephen Curry statistical dominance

Robert O’Connell for the Atlantic ponders basketball analytics and the rise of Stephen Curry. Like every sport, basketball has recently undergone a statistical overhaul. A new generation of analysts has pored over the game and come to conclusions about the efficacy of certain players and techniques. Their findings have met mixed acceptance from the old guard of coaches and executives, but at least one of their takeaways is now visible...

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