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Karen equivalents, based on name data

The name Karen. It’s not a common baby name these days. It peaked in the 1960s. The Pudding looked for other names in US history that followed similar trends: To put this question to the test, we checked baby names from the last 100 years and eliminated those that: 1) never made it into the Top 20 most popular names in any year and 2) were not present in the...

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Using stereotypes as an advantage

In 2004, Annie Duke won the World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions, taking home a prize of $2 million. She was the only woman at the final table and wasn't expected to win, largely because she was a woman. In this short segment from NPR, Duke describes how she used gender stereotypes to her advantage, making her own generalizations for her opponents. [via @waxpancake] Tags: poker, stereotype

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