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Your place in the vaccine line

Using estimates from the Surgo Foundation and Ariadne Labs, Stuart A. Thompson for NYT Opinion shows how many people are in front of you to get the coronavirus vaccine. Just enter your age, if you’re an essential worker, and the county you live in for an idea of where you are. Tags: coronavirus, New York Times, Stuart A. Thompson, vaccine, waiting

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Bread Scheduler

Is bread-making still a thing, or is that so two weeks ago? If you’re late to the sourdough train or still working out the feeding schedule, the Bread Scheduler by Stuart Thompson makes the timing more obvious. Just enter when you want to start or finish, and the scheduler works out the details. I haven’t found the patience yet for sourdough. For less time-sensitive breads, try out no-knead bread or...

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Possible vaccine timelines

It’d be great if we could conjure a vaccine or a “cure” seemingly out of nowhere just like in the movies. Unfortunately, there’s a necessary process involved to make sure that something works and that it is safe to distribute to billions of people. For New York Times Opinion, Stuart A. Thompson shows typical vaccine timelines, which can take decades, against hopeful coronavirus vaccine timelines. Tags: coronavirus, New York Times,...

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Mobile phone data shows decreased movement nationwide

Stuart A. Thompson and Yaryna Serkez for New York Times Opinion on decreasing movement, based on mobile phone data: The impact of social distancing and work-from-home measures has been captured using data on smartphone movements, an analysis of which was provided to the Times Opinion section by Descartes Labs, a geospatial analysis company. The data shows how states hit hard by the virus, like New York, California and Washington, have...

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One leaked file, the location of 12 million smartphones

A file leaked to The New York Times contained location traces of 12 million unique smartphones. Stuart A. Thompson and Charlie Warzel went digging: The data set is large enough that it surely points to scandal and crime but our purpose wasn’t to dig up dirt. We wanted to document the risk of underregulated surveillance. Watching dots move across a map sometimes revealed hints of faltering marriages, evidence of drug...

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Animated line chart to show the rich paying less taxes

David Leonhardt, for The New York Times, discusses the relatively low tax rates for the country’s 400 wealthiest households. The accompanying animated line chart by Stuart A. Thompson shows how the rates have been dropping over the years, which are now “below the rates for almost everyone else.” Oh. Tags: New York Times, rich, Stuart A. Thompson, taxes

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