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Techniques for adding context to visualization

When it comes to meaningful visualization, context is everything. Richard Brath, at the 2018 Information+ Conference, looks back on historical visualization approaches and how they might be applied today to make data graphics easier to read and use. Tags: context, Richard Brath, talk

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Quiet Observer

I’ve always been a quiet person who prefers to observe and slowly think things through. At Eyeo this year, I talked about how these tendencies led to FlowingData. Be sure to check out the other talks. There’s a lot of inspiration and information to absorb. Tags: eyeo, talk

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Using an audience’s own data to highlight both play and security

This is great. Daniel Goddemeyer and Dominikus Baur made Data Futures, which collects multiple choice answers from audience members and then allows the speaker to interact and visualize the results on stage, as well as highlight audience members. I’m imagining this project restructured in a college statistics course with several hundred unwitting students. Seems like a great learning opportunity. Tags: audience, mobile, talk

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