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Bad denominator

With coronavirus testing, many governments have used the percentage of tests that came back positive over time to gauge progress and decide whether or not it’s time to reopen. To calculate percentage, they divide confirmed cases by total tests. The denominator — total tests — often comes from the CDC, which apparently hasn’t done a good job calculating that denominator, because not all tests are the same. Alexis C. Madrigal...

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Coronavirus testing accuracy

Medical tests do not always provide certain results. Quartz illustrated this with the accuracy of a simulated antibody test that identifies 90% of those infected and 95% of those not infected: That means that if you took the test and got a positive result, there’s a 45.1% chance it’s correct. If you got a negative result, there’s a 99.6% chance your result is accurate. Of course, this doesn’t mean don’t...

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Lagging coronavirus testing in the US

Coronavirus testing in the United States has been a slow process to say the least. The New York Times shows how test counts contrast against other countries. There’s some catching up to do. Tags: coronavirus, New York Times, testing

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