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R graphics get modern text support, with ragg package

Thomas Lin Pedersen announced the ragg package, which makes font usage in R more straightforward: I’m extremely pleased to present the culmination of several years of work spanning the systemfonts, textshaping, and ragg packages. These releases complete our efforts to create a high-quality, performant raster graphics device that works the same way on every operating system. This blog post presents our improvements to ragg’s font rendering so that it now...

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Detailed generative art in R

Thomas Lin Pedersen has been sharing his generative art pieces as of late: All my systems and visualisations are programmed in R, an open source programming language for statistics and data analysis. I’ve developed and released many tools that are central to my work, and help maintain others. Beautiful work. It really gets the imagination going for what else R can do. Check out Pedersen’s Instagram for more, and you...

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