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Amtrak train route explorer

This visual explorer by Rachel Binx lets you see Amtrak routes and stations in the United States. Click on a route. See the stations. Seeing the routes laid out like this kind of makes me want to take a ride? I rode Amtrak years ago, and it wasn’t my favorite, but maybe it’s different now. I don’t know, I’m still envying the train network in Europe. Tags: Amtrak, Rachel Binx,...

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Mapping how far you can travel by train in five hours, from any European station

This European travel map by Benjamin Td shows how far you can travel in five hours, given a station location. Just hover over the map, and you see the areas, or isochrones that are reachable in five hours, assuming 20 minutes for interchanges. The project is based on data from Deutsch Bahn, and was inspired by a more dotty map by Julius Tens. It reminds me of Tom Carden’s (now...

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Distorting geography to show train travels

Jan Willem Tulp visualized train travel times using distance and color as an indicator. His reasoning: When a train starts running from one station to the next station, conceptually, these two stations will temporarily be closer to each other. And that is exactly what this visualization shows: whenever a train moves to the next station — and only for as long as a train is moving — the origin station...

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