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Traveling Salesman art

Robert Bosch likes to use the Traveling Salesman Problem to draw famous portraits with a single continuous line. Nice. If you want to fall down a Traveling Salesman rabbit hole, be sure to check out the main pages of the site above. You’ll find code, datasets, challenges, and other re-generated art pieces. Also, if you’re interested in doing something similar in R, Antonio Sánchez Chinchón kicked the tires a while...

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Traveling salesman image drawing

This is a fun drawing experiment in R by Antonio Sánchez Chinchón. A simple process: convert an image to black and white, sample the black points, and then solve the Traveling Salesman Problem for those points. Draw the resulting path for something like the above. Grab the R code to try it with your own images and settings. Tags: R, traveling salesman

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Algorithms for the Traveling Salesman Problem visualized

The Traveling Salesman Problem is a popular puzzle that asks for the shortest route between a set of points such that you visit each point once and end up back where you started. The problem is trivial for a few points, but it gets tricky as you add more. Here are are a few of the strategies in action. x See also this interactive simulation. Or, you can try using...

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