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Finding the best Mario Kart character, statistical speaking

Henry Hinnefeld answers the age-old debate of which Mario Kart character is best, using data as his guide. Some people swore by zippy Yoshi, others argued that big, heavy Bowser was the best option. Back then there were only eight options to choose from; fast forward to the current iteration of the Mario Kart franchise and the question is even more complicated because you can select different karts and tires...

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History of the health meter in video games

The health meter in video games wasn’t always so commonplace. It took time, iterations, and various incarnations before it converged to what we know now. Ahoy describes the history: Tags: health, video games

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Super Mario Bros. was designed on graph paper

Leading up to the release of Super Mario Maker, which lets you create your own Mario world, Miyamoto and Tezuka talked about their own process while creating the original video game, Super Mario Bros. They drew their designs on graph paper and then handed the drawings to developers for implementation. Pretty cool. I need some graph paper. [via Boing Boing] Tags: Mario, Nintendo, video games

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Computer program learns to play classic Nintendo games

I knew I had seen another automated video game thing before. Tom Murphy published work a couple of years ago on creating a computer program that learns how to play classic Nintendo games. It's a different approach than the project from earlier this week. The program is generalized, so it can be applied to games besides Mario Bros., and the computer can eventually beat more than one level. Plus, the...

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