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Language used for the wall

For The Upshot, Kevin Quealy continues on his path looking at the words used by Donald Trump. This time Quealy examines descriptions of the wall and who will pay for it, pre- and post-inauguration. Tags: Kevin Quealy, Upshot, wall

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Border wall progress chart

Denise Lu for The New York Times provides a quick overview of the proposed border wall and its progress. Scroll for zeros. Tags: New York Times, wall

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Visualizing the U.S.-Mexican border

There’s been a lot of talk about building a wall at the U.S.-Mexican border lately. Seems straightforward enough, right? Just put some bricks up and be done with it. Well, it’s not really that easy, just from a logistics standpoint. Nevermind the politics. Josh Begley for the Intercept grabbed satellite images for the 1,954 miles of boundary line and then strung together the 200,000 images in a time-lapse to show...

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