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Shifting flight paths for wealthy Russians

For The New York Times, Pablo Robles, Anton Troianovski, and Agnes Chang mapped the change in destinations for Russian private jets, before and after sanctions. Before, it was more about Paris, Milan, and Geneva. After, Dubai became a top destination. I like the charts after the map. A slope chart with a white fill provides contrast and a flight departures board gives a little something extra. Tags: flights, New York...

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Comparing rich people incomes and the taxes they pay

Based on leaked IRS data for the 400 wealthiest Americans, ProPublica provides a comparison of their incomes and the lower taxes they paid between 2013 and 2018. This might be best piece so far from ProPublica’s IRS series in terms of understanding the big picture from their dataset. Also, that “smaller than a pixel” note for the average American is doing some heavy lifting. Tags: income, ProPublica, scale, wealth

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Jeff Bezos wealth to scale

Jeff Bezos’ wealth is difficult to understand conceptually, because the scale is just so much more than what any of us are used to. So for NYT Magazine, Mona Chalabi took a more abstract approach, focusing less on monetary values and more on how many multiples more Bezos has compared to the median household. See also The Washington Post’s comparison from a couple of years ago, scaling things down to...

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Pollution by the rich versus poor

Based on estimates from the World Inequality Lab, Bloomberg shows how wealthier individuals’ habits — not just countries’ activities — contribute more to overall carbon emissions. There’s a 3-D grid map with a square for each country. It transitions from the usual way of looking at national carbon emissions to carbon emissions from the wealthy who live everywhere. You can always count on Bloomberg to keep their graphics spicy. Tags:...

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Billionaire’s spending scaled to your net worth

We hear about billionaires spending millions of dollars on ads, acquisitions, etc. It seems like a ridiculous amount of money, but that’s partially because us common folk think of the millions of dollars in the context of our own net worth. When Jeff Bezos spends a few multiples of what we will never make in a lifetime, it seems like a lot. For The Washington Post, Michelle Ye Hee Lee...

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Wealth inequality explained in charts

Wealth inequality is a real thing that is complex and a result of various factors. It's difficult to capture everything in one chart, so Urban Institute explained wealth inequality in nine charts instead. They start with an animated chart that shows growing inequality over the years (basically a rising spike on the right) and then move into demographic breakdowns for age and race. Then they go into more detail for...

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