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Weight gain lines

From Kim Warp for The New Yorker. Ha. Ha. It’s funny because it’s true. It reminds me of Amanda Cox’s dress size graphic for the NYT. [Thanks, Mike] Tags: humor, New Yorker, weight

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Camera really adds tens pounds

Photographic evidence. When they say"The camera adds 10 pounds"they're not kidding.Here's the effect with different camera lenses: pic.twitter.com/xmwbsflVKd — Jim Zub (@JimZub) July 26, 2016 Tags: photography, weight

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Food tracker diary timeline

With the availability of weight and food tracking apps these days, there are thousands of people building out their time series every day. Albert Sun for the New York Times visualized the outlier case of Steve Lochner who lost over 100 pounds during a three-year period. Once again, the annotation makes it. As you scroll, the timeline plays out and significant events such as spikes, drops, and milestones are marked...

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Weight loss and life events

Reddit user superemmjay tracked his weight for 20 months and plotted the measurements. The annotation makes interesting what would otherwise be just some graph of someone's weight over time. See also: eight years of dating, the fitbit during sex, the marriage proposal heartbeat, and the quantified breakup. There's “letting the data speak” and then there's this, where people who are closely familiar with their own data explain what's there with...

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Same BMI, different body

Body mass index is often used as a way to set weight classes of underweight to obese, but the measurement is likely too basic. From the New York Times: The illustrations here were created from scans of six people, who were all 5 feet 9 inches tall and 172 pounds. This means that though their bodies look very different, they all have exactly the same body mass index, or B.M.I....

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