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Visualizing World Alcohol Consumption: What Beverages to Countries Prefer?

I posted recently about how countries consume

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Charting World Alcohol Consumption: How Much Does Each Country Drink?

A few weeks ago I posted about gender gaps in alcohol consumption around the world. In some countries — South Korea, for example — men and women consume quite different amounts of booze, according to the World Health Organization. Fueled by a love for sojo, South Korea’s men are among the heaviest drinkers in the world, consuming about 78 grams per day — nearly twice as much as other men on average....

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How Much Differently Do Men and Women Drink Alcohol — By Country

A few months ago, I wrote about the novelty of a McDonald’s selling beer at one of its restaurants in South Korea — a first for the fast-food giant in Asia. The story wouldn’t have been complete, of course, without the context of South Korea’s raging alcohol consumption. People who drink here do so more heavily than their counterparts in most countries around the world, especially when compared to fellow...

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