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Airport runway orientation reveals wind patterns

Airport runways orient certain directions that correlate with wind direction in the area. It helps planes land and take off more easily. So, when you map runways around the world, you also get wind patterns, which is what Figures did: Winds circulate around the globe, forming patterns of gigantic proportions. These patterns become part of human culture and are reflected in our architecture. They are hidden designs, mapping the complexion...

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Time-lapse of all the wind in 2018

Using the same National Weather Service data that powers his live-ish wind map of Earth, Cameron Beccario put together a time-lapse for all of 2018. Watch it on full-screen in its 4k glory. Tags: time-lapse, wind

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World Cup play activity visualized like wind maps

A fun experiment by Neil Charles that used the aesthetics of wind maps to represent World Cup 2018 play activity: It looks like the familiar shape of an average football game, with the bulk of the play happening out wide and then converging onto the opponent’s area. Colour in this is example is by number of passes (hotter = more) and I’ve also drawn locations with fewer passes more faintly,...

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Wind prediction and potential power

As we use up current energy resources, it grows more important to look to alternative energy sources. Wind is one potential area, but the problem is that one has to know where it's windy enough — now and in the future — to justify the cost of building the structures to harness the energy. It's freakin' wind, and variability is all over the place. Project Ukko is an effort to...

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