The Hustle has an interesting article on the demise of the T1 calculator, which is popular in business circles. The article uses this bar chart:


From a Trifecta Checkup perspective, this is a Type DV chart. (See this guide to the Trifecta Checkup.)

The chart addresses a nice question: is the T1 graphing calculator a victim of new technologies?

The visual design is marred by the use of the calculator images. The images add nothing to our understanding and create potential for confusion. Here is a version without the images for comparison.


The gridlines are placed to reveal the steepness of the decline. The sales in 2019 will likely be half those of 2014.

What about the Data? This would have been straightforward if the revenues shown are sales of the T1 calculator. But according to the subtitle, the data include a whole lot more than calculators - it's the "other revenues" category in the financial reports of Texas Instrument which markets the T1. 

It requires a leap of faith to believe this data. It is entirely possible that T1 calculator sales increased while total "other revenues" decreased! The decline of T1 calculator could be more drastic than shown here. We simply don't have enough data to say for sure.




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