I’ve been trying to keep up with the firehose of COVID19 research in order to distill and visualise more infographics.

But it’s proven too much to manage on top of writing a new book and launching an app.

So here’s everything I’ve recently been reading and processing for data and insights. I hope to crystallise much of it in visual form soon!

(Apols – lots of this is New York Times – they’re doing such great work)

» An analysis of 3 covid outbreaks and how they happened (El Pais)
» Best Trackers & graphics: Johns Hopkins, Our World in Data, Financial Times, New York Times
» Great Vaccine FAQs from New York Times & Washington Post
» Excellent Coronavirus/COVID FAQ (BBC News)
» Global COVID death rates are dropping – as long as hospitals aren’t overwhelmed (New York Times)
» COVID vs Flu vs Cold (The Guardian)
» 3 essential articles on air travel & COVID 1 2 3 (New York Times)
» Mask wearing: What the data says (Nature Journal)
» 15-30% of cases are asymptomatic (Nature Journal + study)
» Lest We Forget: Moving obituaries of people who have died of Coronavirus (New York Times)
» Can you catch COVID outdoors? Answer: not really (BBC)
» How to minimize COVID transmission in cars (New York Times)
» An Appreciation for Vaccines, and How Far They Have Come (New York Times)
» Coronavirus’s Disproportionate Black Mortality Rate and Why Social inequities might be driving this (New York Times)
» Loss of smell a ‘highly specific indicator of COVID. 77.6% people get it. 40% had neither cough nor fever (NHS)
» Latest COVID-effective treatments and medicines
» Vaping increases risk (New York Times)
» Why you need to isolate (New York Times)
» Vaccine efficacy vs effectiveness. What does 95% effectiveness really mean? (New York Times)
» How do the Vaccines work? (washington post)
» How do the Vaccines work? (new york times)
» No Natural Immunity is Not Safer Than a Vaccine (New York Times)
» Immunity lasts at least 6 months (Japan Times) – maybe even years (New York Times)
» Long COVID symptoms, chronic illness and hospital rehabilitations for COVID sufferers (New York Times, Bloomberg)
» Long COVID affects young people too (CDC)
» Can wearing glasses protect you from COVID? Kinda. (New York Times, study)
» Do Blood Groups A, B, O etc affect risk? Suggestive evidence (CNN & study)
» The speed, spread and strategy of vaccine deployment matters just as much as efficacy (Health affairs)

» see our current Coronavirus infographics & visualisations

David McCandless

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