Thanks to the Digital Humanities and Data Journalism Symposium for sponsoring the feed this week.

Digital Humanities + Data Journalism Symposium

In 2012 Dan Cohen, founding executive director of the Digital Public Library of America, wrote: “I’ve increasingly felt that digital journalism and digital humanities are kindred spirits.” Inspired by Cohen’s article, the University of Miami is launching the first Digital Humanities and Data Journalism (DH+DJ) Symposium between September 29 and October 1.

The DH+DJ symposium will bring together two communities that share similar interests and use largely the same tools and programming languages to interrogate data. It will be a relatively small gathering consisting of a series of talks and classes on topics that are important to both areas and to their intersection, such as big data management and analytics, effective communication, data visualization and infographics, mapping, etc.

The talks and classes will be delivered by prominent names from both disciplines, who will blend the theoretical with the practical: Dan Cohen himself, as well as ProPublica’s Scott Klein, FiveThirtyEight’s Allison McCann, Mashable’s Haile Owusu, Georgia Tech’s Lauren Klein, Northeastern University’s Ben Schmidt, Carnegie Mellon’s Scott Weingart, Northwestern University Knight Lab’s Joe Germuska, and many others. Please refer to the website for a complete schedule.

In addition to the talks, attendants will have ample opportunity to network and engage in discussions. The main goal of this experimental gathering is to prompt these conversations. We expect them to be a major highlight of the event.

To sign up for the first Annual DH+DJ Symposium, follow this link.

Nathan Yau

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