Thanks to Metis for sponsoring the feed this week.

Enrollments are open again for the popular evening class at Metis titled Data Visualization with D3.js.

A few seats remain for the courses starting this Monday in New York City. You may enroll here.

In San Francisco, the course starts on April 27, and an open house has just been announced for April 4.

New York City: Data Visualization with D3.js Evening Courses
Instructor: Kevin Quealy, Deputy Editor of The Upshot, The New York Times
March 21-April 27
Mondays & Wednesdays
6:30pm – 9:30pm
$2,500 Enroll here.

San Francisco: Data Visualization with D3.js Evening Courses
Open house is April 4. RSVP here.
Instructors: Zan Armstrong and Kai Chang
April 27-June 8
Mondays & Wednesdays
6:30pm – 9:30pm
$2,500 Enroll here.

Designed and taught by Kevin Quealy, Graphics Editor for the New York Times, this course is for anyone who wants to be proficient in the use of D3 and seeks expertise visualizing quantitative information. You’ll learn to tell stories and communicate information interactively in ways that are simply not possible outside a web browser.

The 6-week course is held on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:30 – 9:30pm at Metis, 27 East 28th Street, New York City where the Metis Data Science Bootcamp is also held.

Watch an interview with Kevin Quealy, Course Designer.

Course Outcomes

  • Proficiency in using D3 to make static and interactive charts and documents, and in using JavaScript to process and manipulate data.
  • A working conceptual understanding of the field of data visualization, particularly as it relates to the Internet and mobile devices.
  • Deep knowledge of the forms and techniques of data visualization and effective display of quantitative information; especially, bar charts, scatterplots, area charts, line charts, choropleth and bubble maps, small multiples, annotation principles; and the strengths and weaknesses of each.
Nathan Yau

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