Thanks to Metis for sponsoring the feed this week.

Visit Metis in San Francisco and New York City the week of August 8 for events that will deliver both an overview of the field of data science and the use of data visualization tool D3.js.

In New York City on Tuesday, August 9, Metis Data Visualization with D3.js course instructor Paul Buffa from Capital One will illustrate how the power and control of D3.js enables interactive communication and story-telling that are simply not possible outside of a web browser.

Introduction to Data Visualization with D3.js
Tuesday, August 9
6:30 – 8:00pm
Metis New York City
27 East 28th Street, 3rd Floor
Learn more and RSVP

And in San Francisco on Wednesday, August 10, Metis Introduction to Data Science course instructors Ramesh Sampath and T.J. Bay will take one dataset and walk you through the steps of Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), Visualization and Model Creation.

Introduction to Data Science
Wednesday, August 10
6:30 – 8:00pm
Metis San Francisco
633 Folsom Street, 6th Floor
Learn more and RSVP

Watch an interview with Kevin Quealy, Metis Data Visualization with D3.js Course Designer and Graphics Editor, The New York Times.

Nathan Yau

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