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learn ggplot2

Master the basics of ggplot2 using fun videos and interactive in-browser coding challenges on the DataCamp platform. Learn at your own pace, join 300,000 data science enthusiasts, and build your data visualization skill set from the ground up. (Not familiar with R? Check out this interactive introduction to R tutorial.)

The first course in DataCamp’s ggplot2 series - Data Visualization with ggplot2 (1) - introduces you to the principles of creating good visualizations and the grammar of graphics as implemented in the ggplot2 package. You’ll examine three essential layers for making a plot - Data, Aesthetics and Geometries, and by the end of the course you will be able to make complex exploratory graphs. Start Course for Free!

I thoroughly recommend “Data Visualization with ggplot2” by Rick Scavetta. It gives you an excellent introduction to ggplot2. You’ll learn both the underlying theory, and get hands on practice in DataCamp’s online learning environment. —Hadley Wickham

The second course in DataCamp’s ggplot2 series - Data Visualization with ggplot2 (2) - walks you through the skills needed to make a custom plotting function to explore large data sets by combining statistics and excellent visuals. Data visualization best practices will be discussed to make sure you have a sound understanding of what works and why. Start Course for Free!

Enjoy learning ggplot2 through interactive exercises,, and if you want to learn more about R packages such as ggvis, dplyr, data.table, and R markdown, make sure to check out DataCamp’s course curriculum.

Nathan Yau

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