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Making a hit song with Bieber, Diplo, and Skrillex

The New York Times got me to watch an interview with Justin Bieber in it multiple times. Along with (mostly) Diplo and Skrillex, a visual layer set on top of the video interview further explains what the musicians are talking about. Here, just watch it. Then compare that with another New York Times piece from 2012, which happens to interview another producer who worked with Bieber. Today's piece seems so...

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Hearing color instead of seeing it

Artist Neil Harbisson is completely colorblind, so he sees in black and white. But he still perceives color. Harbisson has an implant in the back of his head that's essentially an antenna with a color sensor attached. The sensor signals are transposed to audio and he listens through bone conduction. Watch in the short video below, where he describes it as feeling a sort of energy. x Harbisson also gave...

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